We have to implement the following policy to protect personal information collected on the company's website.

1. Personal Information Protection
We will properly manage customer’s information by personal information protection regulations.

2. Collection Scope and Purpose of Use
We collect the personal information of the customer as needed.

3. Use of Personal Information
Use of agreement content only

  • 1) Management and processing of questions, queries, inquiries and enquiries.
  • 2) Sending documents and emails.
  • 3) Address for sending documents

4. Prohibition of Disclosure to Others
We comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to privacy protection and the “Personal Information Protection Management System” in order to protect private information.

5. Maintaining and Improving Information Security
We will strive to improve and ensure information safety.

6. Education and Enlightenment
If a customer would like to make their personal information public or make corrections, we will wait for confirmation and respond appropriately.

8. Review and Continue to Improve
To be reviewed on an ongoing basis along with the social changes of personal information protection.

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